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Farmers Market

The expansion of the light rail transit system in Minneapolis is dissolving the boundary between the downtown district and the North Loop. The proposed expansion for the Farmers Market is a shared site with the future Royalston light rail station. The Farmers Market and the light rail station will contribute to these expanding connections to the greater metro area. This area has the opportunity for a revitalization, and reconnection of the North Loop neighborhood and the environment. A re-greening of this area is needed to dissolve the industrial park that has been completely covered by hard-scape. This will encourage a more neighborhood friendly environment.  The once vibrant North Loop neighborhood has been regaining an active identity and is eager to participate in recapturing this area. The expanded Farmers Market can embraces the history of the area, and encourage the re-growth of the neighborhood from the inside out. This project has the ability to empower the community. In opposition to the existing farmers market that blends into the hard-scape of the urban environment, the new Framers Market is a living building that brings nature back to the city.



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