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Eco Village is a North Minneapolis housing project that is made possible through the cooperation of the Hawthorn Neighborhood, Habitat for Humanity, Project for Pride in Living, and the University of Minnesota. The neighborhood is taking a stand against the rundown housing that has given the area a bad image. This community project is bringing together sustainability and affordable housing.

 The design of this house starts with energy efficient mechanical systems matching a super insulated building envelope. Hot water solar panels and photo-voltaic panels are two renewable resources of energy that are matched with heating and electrical systems of the house. This house will operate at a net zero consumption of energy while providing all the amenities of a typical urban house. An open first floor plan utilizes southern solar gain and allows for the small footprint of the house to accommodate a large gathering space. This open layout captures natural lighting that provides a warm and vibrant feeling that exemplifies the meaning of providing families with a space that they can share.




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